2014 Accuracy Miró Standard

In 2014, I was fortunate to meet Toné Compito Wellington during my studies in the US, who gave me an offer on this amazing bass and to become Accuracy basses artist. It immediately became my main instrument. It’s excellently built, beautiful and always inspires me when I pick it up, providing me with any sound I need depending on the music I’m working on.


2005 Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass

My first bass that I actually bought after playing my uncle’s bass for a couple of months. Bought it on British eBay with help from my uncle in 2009. I started customizing it partially to distinguish myself from my hero Marcus Miller, partially because the sound kinda wasn’t there. The bass had a terrible dead spot on the G note on the E string and generally didn’t cut through the mix well. I scraped the polyester finish from the body, changed the pickups for Nordstrands and made a custom mahogany pickguard with a friend of mine. More customizations followed during my trip to the US - new satin finish, reshielded cavity and drop tuner on the E string (and the signatures of my three biggest bass inspirations - Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten and Anthony Wellington. I’ve mainly been using it for recording lately, and have a lot of sentiment for it.

Kuckovsky custom fretless

I bought this bass from a friend of mine after using it for a year with various bands. I love the sound of the fretless and need it in various projects from time to time. This bass delivers just what I need in this area. It has a huge sound pallete thanks to the combination of the Bartolini and piezo pickups. It is also built in a special way, the body is a sandwitch of Swamp Ash, Alder and Wenge with a Maple/Mahogany glued neck and Ebony fretboard.


Aguilar Tone Hammer 350

Aguilar GS112
I’ve been using Aguilar gear since 2012 and I never looked back. I love a transparent, clean sound that translates 100% the sound of my instrument, kinda like a PA, and the Tone Hammer with the GS 112 deliver just that.

Soundelirium 12.6 custom cab

In 2016, I have been looking for a speaker cabinet to use for local gigs in Bratislava, that would be loud enough to play a small club without a PA, sound good both with a bass guitar and upright and be light enough to travel in public traffic with. This custom cabinet from Jan Novotny at delivers all of that for me and has become my main cabinet of choice for smaller gigs. It is equipped with a 12” neodymium speaker and 6” ceramic speaker with an on/off switch and 700 W power output at 8 Ohms.


My current pedalboard consists of:

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